10 Hacks to Boost Your eCommerce SEO Strategy in 2024

Thinking of starting an online store? Do you have a unique product or a sales-driven SEO strategy to boost your brand? If not, there is no need to worry as there's a ton of potential out there for small businesses like yours. According to research by a leading eCommerce development company in Dubai, 26.5 million eCommerce stores are online globally.

You can shine and grow your business within the competition when you follow this guide of eCommerce growth hacks. Starting an eCommerce store can be exciting as well as daunting but if you have the right strategies and the right people, you will become an industry leader in no time.

Follow this guide to learn the 12 best hacks to increase eCommerce conversions and accelerate your eCommerce growth. From making your website user-friendly to using the latest social media trends. How to make your product more attractive to increase eCommerce store sales.

These hacks will bring your eCommerce store to the top of search rankings. So, are you ready to take your business online? Let's get started!

10 eCommerce Growth Hacks and Strategies

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Enhance Your Product Descriptions

Clear and detailed product descriptions are key to winning online sales and increasing customer base. Don't leave your customers guessing and confused about the product they want to buy. Your eCommerce storefront should describe what exactly you have in your store and that can happen with the power of writing clear, concise, and crisp descriptions.

Make your descriptions a helpful conversation with your customer. Provide the basic aspects such as colour, size, weight, and material - everything they need to know about the product itself. Moreover, tell the background story behind your product. How was it made? What problem does it solve? Use the power of storytelling and paint a picture of how this product will improve their lives. The more details and emotions you convey, the more attraction and relatability customers will see in your product increasing eCommerce conversion rates of your eCommerce store.

Add Value to Your Call-to-Action Copy

You can turn window shoppers and visitors into your customers if you know the right way to use CTAs. Your eCommerce store success depends on using the right CTAs in your marketing, advertising, product descriptions, and other content. One of the eCommerce conversion hacks is communicating value to your visitors in your CTA content.

Buy Now, Order Now, and Available are common phrases every other eCommerce store uses. You have to go above and beyond to bring your customers to your store with a customer-centric CTA. “Shop Now & Get Free Shipping” is a way to captivate your customer’s attention and motivate them to take actionable steps. Using CTAs to communicate value and offer are eCommerce conversion hacks to add to your strategy.

Use The Power of Social Media

Social media is the new way to connect with your customers online and tell them about your product via advertising and social media strategies. It is an essential growth hacking strategy to increase eCommerce conversion. Social media fuels customer connections, insights, and brand awareness for existing and potential buyers.

Regularly post engaging content, start community management, listen to your audience, and participate in relevant conversations. It helps build brand loyalty and makes you a trusted source of information. You can also Integrate your social media feeds directly into your website, showing real-time customer interactions and user-generated content, building trust and encouraging purchases.

Optimize Your eCommerce Store for Mobile

If your eCommerce store isn’t optimized for mobile, then you could be facing difficulty converting customers. People are more likely to abandon trying to shop on your website if it’s not working well on their mobile devices. A mobile-friendly eCommerce store is essential to growing your business online and leading the industry. Keep your website optimized for smartphones and tablets to attract customers. Boost your conversions with a responsive WordPress theme that automatically adjusts to any screen size, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for all.

Boost Your eCommerce SEO Game

One of the most important eCommerce growth hacks to boost eCommerce strategy is to level up your SEO game. You increase your chances of getting organic traffic when you optimize your eCommerce store website properly or you can hire a SEO agency. Write high-quality content with relevant keywords that will target your ideal audience, boosting your brand visibility and bringing more traffic to your website.

Keep your product pages optimized with descriptions that are engaging, and informative and compel your visitors to convert. Another eCommerce solution is XML sitemap which helps search engines discover and index all your valuable content, ensuring your amazing products get seen. You will be able to get eCommerce solutions with SEO by contacting an eCommerce development agency to help you turn your eCommerce website into a lead-generating machine. 

Show Product Reviews and Ratings as Social Proof

Turn shoppers into buyers with social proof. Increase your eCommerce conversion rate by adding product reviews and ratings from real customers. These reviews act as recommendations from trusted sources, giving your buyers a sense of authenticity and brand loyalty. Your customers will easily be attracted when you apply this eCommerce growth hack to your SEO strategy for eCommerce stores.

Retargeting Campaigns to Convert Abandoned Customers

A helpful growth hacking for eCommerce stores will not only boost your brand presence but also your sales. Don’t let your customers who abandoned you get away. Turn them into your potential buyers by using a retargeting ads strategy. Another eCommerce strategy to convert customers who abandon their shopping carts or leave your site without making a purchase is to retarget them with Facebook ads. These targeted ads remind potential buyers about the products they viewed or added to their cart, gently reminding them to get back to your store to complete the purchase. This is a powerful way to recover lost sales and turn window shoppers into loyal customers.

Reduce the Number of Fields in Your Checkout Form

Streamline your checkout process and watch sales grow successfully. Long checkout forms are a conversion killer for your eCommerce store. Take the basic and necessary information from our customers to reduce the time and complete the order. It will help you retain your customers and bring them back again. Keep in mind that the check-out is the final step to convert your customers and you don’t want to see your customers go away just by adding extra fields for them to fill and take their time.


User-generated content (UGC) is an important tool for eCommerce growth making your customers stick with you. It is an incredible eCommerce growth hack to boost brand visibility and drive conversions because 79% of people are influenced by UGC, study shows that. Use positive reviews, and post videos, and photos with people using your products and testimonials, all these tactics build authenticity, trust, and credibility with your customers driving higher clicks on search results.

UGC helps in expanding your keyword reach with natural language and long-tail keywords used in reviews and captions. You will be able to keep your content fresh, boost user engagement, and get on top of the search engine when you post customer reviews and user-created content on your website.

Multiple Payment Options

Keep checkout an easy process to pass as it will help retain your customers in the longer run. Provide multiple options of payment on your eCommerce store to ease the process. Put credit cards, debit cards, wallets and other digital payment options so that your customers convert and leave with happy thoughts and provide positive feedback.

In the ever-changing digital marketplace, your eCommerce store's success depends on your ability to adapt and embrace the right strategies and tools. Whether it's website optimization, social media connection, or easing the payment procedures, each well-executed eCommerce conversion hack propels your business forward. 


Why is SEO important for eCommerce websites?

SEO helps your eCommerce store rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords. It helps potential customers to find your website organically, leading to increased traffic, brand awareness, and sales.

What are some tools that can help me with eCommerce SEO?

There are different options available on the internet like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz to help you with keyword research, on-page optimization, and competitor analysis. An expert eCommerce development agency can help you increase eCommerce conversion by driving a powerful SEO eCommerce strategy for your business.

What are the key things to consider for eCommerce SEO in 2024?

eCommerce SEO depends on factors like relevant keywords. User-friendly content, on-page optimization, content marketing and product reviews. Keeping your eCommerce store website optimized with these ensures smooth navigation on any device and brings your website to the top of search results effectively.