The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation

Content creation enables delivering the message to your target group via texts and graphics adjusted to their field of preference and your brand frames. Undoubtedly it ought to be thoroughly thought through.

Your diligent attitude will ensure that the content generated will volume organic traffic, entice leads and foster your conversion rates.

Content Planning

The content you generate must be consistent, must be relevant, must be appreciated, must increase your ROI, must close the deal and the list may go on. It looks like quite a whopping amount of 'musts'.

However, when there is a strategic path there, that is developed around your brand, you automatically have all your 'musts' covered. So, let’s have a look at what makes content planning perfect.

Define the Purpose

There is no use in posting for the benefit of just posting or maintaining your online presence.

Your content ought to pursue a certain goal you set for your business to augment and be acknowledged on the market. Once you are certain of the purpose you know exactly where to start in generating the content.

Target Audience

The next vital cog in planning is to figure out your target audience. Those who mark their presence on your page (visitors or leads) provide you with a background of your target group. Explore what they are expecting from your product/service.

Getting enough knowledge will assist you in defining your ideal customer. Knowing it you will enrich the material with consistency and make it match people’s demands.

Lean on the phases of the buyer’s journey There are three phases that the client is going through awareness, consideration, and decision. They are crucial to bear in mind when planning the content. Every phase determines the guest’s desire to find the answers to their issues.

You must make sure that every step of the way is equipped with decent content. No matter what formats (demo, template, infographic or podcast) you choose for a certain stage, they all must have a common denominator - your product/service is THE CURE for their demand.

Watch the Calendar

Big time is important when it comes to planning what and when to be released to the public. The editorial calendar ensures your posts or videos are portioned reasonably covering various focused marketing channels. It enables your content to align with your strategy.

A social media calendar makes itself useful in terms of posting on social media platforms. Also, you might want to consider having a marketing calendar. This tool is worth implementing since holidays and celebratory events open up a great window of opportunity for interaction with your target public.

You have specified your target population and feel confident about the things you put out for them. Nonetheless, you still need feedback on things shared.

A content audit can monitor how your publishing influences the visitors. It helps to fix the posts that do not perform at their highest potential and how to turn them around for increased conversion.

Means of Promotion

You have created a meaningful post or recorded a top-notch video, that will communicate value. Now it must show itself to the world.

Usually, it is all on you to make sure it reaches all those it is created for. Especially being a fresh entrepreneur there is a necessity to knock on as many doors as possible, virtually speaking.

To find the “right door” you should make use of all the information collected about the buyer persona.

Have the answers to “Where?,” “When?”, “How often?”. Relying on the answers you will manage to receive a clear vision of the most solid ways for the content to be absorbed. Take notice of the most common means of promotion.

Social Media

It’s been a long-gone time, when social media was perceived as solely a tool for personal communication, making friends or meeting your true love. Now it has redirected a bit and occupied an honoured place among the efficient tools for doing business.


Marketing using emails has proved its potential. Make sure to make your mailing full of significant content, so that whatever is sent to people provokes much enthusiasm to read all the way through. This way you alert their awareness of new stuff that appears on your platform.

Syndication Marketing

Team up with some high-profile sources and establish a network to spread your story on their affiliate platforms. This gives you the benefit of boosting your appearance in front of new visitors and their will to buy from you.

Targeted Ads

This is a type of paid promotion and may seem like just one more expense to conquer, especially with the rise of your product pricing.

However, when discovering and keeping the focus on your intended audience, you will make sure to enrich your potential clients through this means of promotion and have it paid off with the conversion boost.

Content Creation Workflow

Every business workflow has a strictly defined system. Organising content requires a clear-cut procedure.

Therefore it does not tolerate any random approaches and choices implemented. Consider some effective stages, when it comes to such an intricate procedure as content creation.

Keyword Research

Not only your target group must appreciate your posts. Search engines must like them either by ranking them well.

Get on friendly terms with such tools as SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, and Moz Keyword Explorer, and make them help you find keywords that will suit your target keywords. Seek for the ones with low to medium competition combining it with minimum keyword difficulty.

Relevant Topic

When you have figured out the “keys”, you are ready to power through with suitable ideas that will meet the needs of your target audience. Generate a pillar page that is aimed at your target keyword and presents broad data on the whole topic.

A deeper and more detailed presentation with the peculiar aspects addressing (the particular keyword) of the topic happens through creating content clusters.


You are equipped, therefore ready to compose. When doing so, please be considerate of these steps:

Create unique content (not only it’s ethical and legal, but it also makes search engines warm up to it faster and lift your search positions).
Communicate with your targeted group by the general vibe of the content you develop and let them recognize themselves (what resonates gets to be perceived eagerly). This is where the 7Cs of Communication come into the picture. 
A single idea for a single piece (stay on the topic, be consistent in what you write, do not start with describing pizza flavours and end up with alternative materials for guitars’ production).
Entice your potential clients (titles, meta tags, descriptions).
Make it clear (inversions and figurative language overload will not be well tolerated by the average reader).

Revising and Editing

A useful skill we have been taught at school - check your final work. Make it to be presentable, correct and literate. Either you choose to correct it right away, or you vote for letting it sit a bit.  Then come back to it again with fresh eyes for the errors. Take a peek at existing tools for assistance in editing matters.


When publishing, watch for the material to not go unnoticed by the audience, set up a schedule of when it is supposed to appear and commit to the scheme. This way your followers will know, for example, they can see what is new with you every Thursday afternoon, for example.

From first sight, managing the content realm does look like a quite painstaking ordeal with so many essential things to keep in mind.

Nevertheless, if you contrive the system of developing the content in a way that fits your brand and your target population, stay in line, and mind the always-changing trends you will be able to see it as a friendly and beneficial element for helping your company or eCommerce business to thrive in a big way.


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