How Does Cybersecurity Affect SEO

You may not realize it, but SEO and cybersecurity services interrelate with one another in quite a few ways.

For example, if you’re an SEO professional or your business is online, you may not be worried about the latest developments in Zero Trust frameworks or how to make sure your employees and freelancers are securely connecting to your assets, but you should be.

Google does take security and safety into account with rankings. Maybe it’s not as important in terms of being a ranking signal as something like your content or your link building, but you can’t afford to ignore it.

Having at least a general understanding of what’s going on in the world of cybersecurity can have an impact on SEO in the following ways.

Compromised Sites Might Be Penalized

Search engines do check websites for phishing attacks, malware, and other potentially damaging software that could create a negative user experience.

That’s the entire goal of Google when it comes to choosing what to rank - they want the best possible user experience when people are searching for something.

If you’re putting a user’s security at risk, then obviously, that’s not the best possible experience for them. You’re not only impacting their overall experience but potentially creating the risk of data theft for them. This is one reason SSL certificates are a ranking factor.

If an error page is discovered, search engines often penalize it as well.

If Google identifies DDoS attacks or ransomware, there will be a Manual Action issued to the site. Manual Acts can affect rankings significantly and could even lead to a site being removed altogether.

This will affect your visibility and your reputation. People either won’t be able to find your site, or they’ll get a search engine warning.

Even if you’re not manually penalized by Google, there are going to be effects of something like a malware attack on your SEO performance.

We’ve touched on this above, but the idea here is that whenever your site performance is negatively affected, there are numerous ways it’s going to impact the UX. If malware is directing your visitors somewhere else, then it’s going to affect your click-through rate, just one example.

Your click-through rate is, of course, a relevant factor.

Cyberattacks Can Destroy Your Technical SEO

Technical SEO is those parts of your site design and architecture that allow search engines to crawl it.

If you’re facing a cybersecurity issue, then your technical SEO can be ruined. For example, if you’re the victim of a hacker, it can mean that your traffic is then directed to third-party servers. Your visitors might get an Error 404 as an example.

Then, they leave your site and go elsewhere.

Even worse would be a site that’s the victim of an attack that targets your customers or visitors. This is done by changing content to include either new pages or outbound links. These are all effects that are going to be detrimental again to user experience but also to the work you’ve done on technical SEO.

Duplicate Content

When your content appears elsewhere on the internet, it’s an issue. Duplicate content can impact your SEO performance in multiple ways.

First, Google might not recognize which version is the original, so the other party’s content could be indexed rather than yours, even if the content was originally unique to your site.

A search engine won’t know whether to direct any metrics related to links to one page or both. It’s confusing for the search engine to figure out which duplicated page should rank.

So what does this have to do with cybersecurity? There are different ways your content can be duplicated, but one is by web scraping or content scraping bots.

You need to protect your content with a bot detection solution.

Page Speed

Google says that more than 50% of visitors to a website will bounce if it takes more than three seconds to load. A high bounce rate is harmful to your SEO performance, and Google confirms they use page speed as a ranking signal.

Your page speed is the total time it takes to get the first byte of information from the server.

If there’s harmful bot activity, DDoS attacks, or malware infections going on, it can affect your site speed performance.

How Can You Protect Your Site?

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent cybersecurity threats from diminishing your rankings and undoing the hard work you’ve put into search engine optimization.

Some of the following are general ways to protect your site, particularly in terms of things that could negatively affect your SEO performance.

- Using a bot-detection solution can be helpful.

- Make sure your hosting providing is secure and high-quality. For example, if you’re using a free hosting service and there’s a DDoS attack, you may not have adequate protection from bot activities and malware. Your hosting solution needs to give you features geared toward privacy and security.

- Work to avoid human error. Human error is one of the biggest reasons for cybersecurity issues. For example, your employees, freelancers, and contractors need to understand the importance of using strong, unique passwords. You might want to use an identity and access management solution so that even if credentials are compromised, hackers won’t be able to infiltrate your site. You should train your employees to avoid phishing and how to recognize the red flags of a possible attack.

- Audit your website on a regular basis. You can use malware-scanning options to scan your site.

- Update everything regularly to make sure there aren’t security vulnerabilities that have been fixed through patches.

There are a variety of ranking factors in search engine optimization that is related to the security of a website, from your SSL certificate to your page speed and whether or not your site is affected by malware. If you’re an SEO professional, make sure that you’re also making time to incorporate best security practices.

You need to train everyone you work with and invest in solutions that will protect your site, your visitors, and your rankings.

Google Reviews And Local SEO

Give Your Business Power To Rank Higher

In today's era of the Internet when the whole world is shifting online the competition has become quite tough for local businesses. Every other business wants to build a strong online presence and higher ranking in the search engine to reach more potential customers.

Many factors help in achieving a good ranking on Google. One such essential factor is local SEO or Search Engine Optimization and acquiring a good position in the local pack.

With a strong local SEO strategy, you can help your business to be more visible on Google’s local search results. Thus, here Google reviews come in along with local SEO for determining your local ranking.

Today, looking into this factor, businesses are opting to Display Google reviews in WordPress websites to gain a better ranking in Google searches and become visible to their targeted audience.

If all these are confusing you then keep reading because this blog is going to cover every little detail that you are looking for the answer. Starting from local SEO to how Google reviews and local SEO will help a business achieve desired search results.

Local SEO Explained

Before anything, it is essential to understand what this local SEO is.

Local SEO is a kind of practice or strategy that is aimed at enhancing the online presence of the businesses making it achieve a higher rank in the local area.

If you want to market your company online and want more local people to visit your place here local SEO works effectively. When you follow the best local SEO strategy then that will help your business appear at the top of the local search results, when audiences look for similar products as yours on the search engine like Google.

If you are still confused then remember the last time you searched for a restaurant near you on Google. And Google shows you some of the best local restaurants that you can explore. This is how Local SEO works optimizing your local search result.

Google always aims to answer the queries of the customers with the best search results and with a strong game of local SEO, you can achieve a higher ranking. It also helps the business listing appear more in the relevant search results as per the customers' queries.

The local search result will appear with all the required information like address, contact information, business hours, photos, and customer reviews. All this information will help the potential customer to decide whether the place is worth trying.

A great local SEO ranking and Google map ranking of the business are important to reaching valuable customers. If you are new to this and do not have the expertise to achieve and maintain a great local SEO ranking, it's often advisable to consider working with experienced SEO pros near you, like SEO experts in Germany, who specialize in optimizing businesses for local searches.

Additionally, you must also know that for a good local search ranking of businesses, the highest number of Google reviews plays an important role.

The Impact Of Google Review On Local SEO

Believe it or not, Google reviews are highly connected with Local SEO. To support the argument, we would like to take a look at the E-E-A-T ranking factor of Google.

This E-E-A-T strategy aligns with all the characteristics of Google reviews. As a result, Local SEO is highly useful for Google reviews.

E-E-A-T  stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust. It helps in determining the credibility of the web pages. Based on this concept Google decides whether the web pages are serving genuine value to the users. The website or web pages that establish an outstanding E-E-A-T strategy can secure their place at the top of the search results. Let's go through each of them in detail:


This is a newly added element that gives importance to the perspective of the users. A review becomes more authentic for Google when the user who shares its feedback has a real experience of the place, that is the user visited the place. And, when users post pictures of the place and talk about their service and other things, overall it seems more authentic to Google. Google is focused on showing its local community the live, real, and unpolished experience of the customers.


When people talk about products and services on Google reviews, it showcases the expertise of the business. For example, a bakery that has been in the business for a long time and is known for its expertise in the market, Google values the fact and brings it to the top of the search results automatically.


When a user visits a particular famous local restaurant and addresses in their review the special dish that they best prepare shows the authoritativeness of the place to the potential customers. Suppose, there are  50 fast food restaurants but users consider one particular restaurant the best burger place that Google notices and brings ranking to that restaurant.


All the above elements of experience, expertise, and authoritativeness together build trust in the eyes of Google. Trust is the most important element above all because depending on that Google provides its users with reliable and quality search results.

The strategy of EEAT is challenging but it is very effective.

More Google review helps in SEO

There is a common saying “The more the merrier” and this goes perfectly well with Google reviews that is if a business has a lot of reviews is best for the business. If a Google business page has a lot of positive reviews that helps the search engine understand that it is an authoritative and trusted source for potential customers.

Moreover, a significant amount of Google reviews with relevant keywords makes it easy for Google to bring visibility and ranking to the website.

The Game Of Positive Google Reviews In Local SEO

Google shows search results to the audiences that have more positive Google reviews. The positive review of the business impresses Google in bringing them a good ranking. How? This is because Google can read the tone of the customers through positive reviews. The positive words of the reviews help them to understand that customers have good experiences with the business.

Additionally, a positive review consists of all the valuable insights of the product that help the potential customers in making informed buying decisions. Eventually, the business with great reviews will rank higher in the local pack. This has motivated many businesses to display Google reviews widget in WordPress websites.

The ranking of a business in the local search depends upon the various factors that Google takes into consideration along with reviews. Businesses today focus on improving their local search ranking for engaging customers and building their online reputation. Local SEO with Google review will surely help them in securing a higher ranking in the search results.

By now you have already learned how Google reviews are boosting local SEO and helping in improving local ranking. Thus, the businesses that are falling behind in the Google Maps ranking, should take the leverage of Google reviews for securing a good ranking.