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Reasons to Choose Avenir Font for Your Illustrations

Choosing fonts for illustrations is quite complicated because you have to pick a font that looks great in digitally published media and printing. The amount of time you take to dress up yourself for any party or event so that you look extraordinary is equivalent to the amount of time you should take to thoroughly search for the best font for your work.

If you have ever worked on illustrations you know it is quite challenging to bring the font that complements the art. As a beginner who has just started elaborating his capabilities, it becomes a bit tougher. All things aside, this guide will be the biggest support for you because here we will explain to you which font you should get along with and why it should be the top priority for you.

Picking Avenir Font for Illustrations

Which font is perfect for you highly depends on the project on which you are working. For instance, if you are going to throw a birthday party for your kid, the font must be bubbly and match their calibre. Similarly, if you are working on illustrations including digital media, posters, banners, cards, printing, etc, the font should be one that has broad letters, is tall x-height, is highly understandable, and should contain all the features of the best choice for printing.

Talking about all these characteristics, isn't Avenir the first font that appears on your mind within seconds? Yes, you picked it right, the Avenir font is available both for commercial and personal platforms. If you are going to use it on a big level, you have to buy the license but if the project is restricted to personal use, simply download it and enjoy it free of cost.

Now coming to the main point, why is this font the right pick for illustrations, or what makes it different from others? All these queries will be answered below for your satisfaction.

1 It Gives the Right Message

It is crucial to understand the message that each font provides you with because it makes the selection straightforward for you.  For arts or printing work, the font that should be the number choice must be crisp, understandable, and clean and fortunately, Avenir holds all these features which make it a suitable option. Through our art or digital media, we will show something refreshing and alluring so never use a serious font that dulls the charm of your design.

Avenir is an outstanding font with beautiful and sophisticated visuals and a clear look that's why it is the most feasible option you should try if you are working on such a project.

2 Versatility is the Demand

We all agree on this point that if the font family is versatile, the success of the project multiplies. Avenir was released in the late 1980s for the first time and one can imagine how big the family must have become till now. Remember that there are a few fonts that would look great on the web but if you use them in print, they will completely ruin your project. These little things should be kept in mind to avoid big blunders.

Avenir font is perfect not only to be employed on the web but is also great for printing work. That's why when it comes to using a font on images, banners, or cards, designers consider this possibility and show their utmost gratification after utilizing it.

3 Legibility is Critical

As previously discussed, each font is here to deliver a special message but what if the message is not conveyed appropriately due to a low legibility score? Due to this reason, it is important that the font you will select should be understandable so that the user easily depicts what your design is about and what message you are giving through it.

San-serif fonts are known for being highly understandable and one such example is Avenir font which also has this trait. In case you are not familiar, there is a slight difference between both terms as Readability is 1 step ahead of legibility. Make sure you are concerned about both terms to come up with a successful and extraordinary design.

4 Translates into Numerous Languages

How many fonts do you know that support multiple languages? I am sure you would only name a few among which the top name is Avenir and this specialty is rare to be found in typefaces. However, it is also essential to acknowledge whether your project demands the support of multiple languages or it is of no use. If you are going to launch a project on a big level then this feature can accommodate you.

Avenir is one of the few fonts that is supported by many languages and many Latin characters so more and more people will get to know about your illustration projects. Isn't it what we all require? It is also helpful to make your project look professional because you often can't use many characters or letters just because the particular font you have selected doesn't support them.

5 It has a Unique Style

The style of font is another great element of this typeface. Among different typography styles, sans-serif fonts give a more modern, sophisticated, and alluring touch to the design and all these attributes are the demand of printing and display work. Serif fonts give a traditional touch that is not required in this work. Where you want to give a message to the reader, you can never find a better font than Avenir.

6 Perfect Font Combinations

You can not get along with a single font throughout the design. There should be at least 3 fonts and all of them should be well-suited so that nothing looks odd. As we discussed previously, Avenir is a big family with many fonts, characters, weights, etc. It won't be hard for you to find a perfect combination for illustrations. You do not need to find the combination within the family as there are many san-serif fonts that make a perfect pair including Futura, Helvetica, etc.

Other than that, there should be a proper balance between all three fonts as all should never be of the same caliber. For instance, if you have added 1 bold font for headings, ensure the second one should be minimal and perfect for the text. Be cautious about these details.

7 Availability of Size

To enhance the readability, the font size also matters. Fortunately, Avenir font is available in different sizes so that you can choose as per the situation. This feature is also great in making the design substantial and significant.

Daily we come across numerous fonts while roaming the roads or while eating in a restaurant. There are a few fonts that mesmerize us for a bit and we stop to glance at them. This is what happens when you use the right font at the correct time. Every font is best in some ways all you have to do is realize which one will fit the situation. For illustrations, Avenir font is great because of all the factors mentioned in detail.

I hope I have satisfied you to some extent with this guide. If you are also planning to work on such projects, you already know the answer.

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