7 Best Tips to Choose High Converting Website Design Images

High-quality and eye-catching illustrations, animations, and images on your website serve a much larger purpose than simply making your design look nice.

If website design images are used correctly, they can help your business gain a lot more traffic and thus conversions, whether that is making sales or increasing queries. The following are the four primary reasons why images are important for your website:

• Additional views and clicks
Website design images not only draw our attention but also elicit strong emotions in us because humans are primarily visual beings. As a result, there is a greater chance that someone will view and click through your website if it has attractive imagery.

Once a user is on a website, images can enhance their experience and assist in making important information easier to understand. By fixing this, website visitors will be more likely to stay on it and have a better chance of becoming customers or making inquiries.

• Bringing life to your website
Website design images help you make the best first impression while content is essential to explain your goods or services.

They give your visitors the ability to visualize and imagine using your products and services, which increases the chance that they will buy from you and promotes your brand.

• A better ranking on search engines
Did you know that website design images and visual graphic elements can help with search engine indexing? The captions you give your images serve as additional content for SEO.

If the content is a true description of the image with some additional keywords incorporated, it will appear in both web and image searches, increasing your chance of being found.

• Social media support
Social media has demonstrated how crucial it is to today's businesses, and how your image is perceived across all platforms. If you use images and illustrations in your social media posts, more people will engage with them because they elicit an emotional response that results in a "like," "comment," or "share."

All of these activities are crucial for promoting your company and attracting more customers.

7 Best Tips to Choose Website Design Images that Convert

Website design images help websites convert more effectively in addition to giving them life. A website is now something that people want to experience, not just browse. Conversions on your site can increase and you can establish a stronger connection with your target market by using the right images.

When it comes to maximizing the use of current traffic, many websites are not aware of the value of images and other graphic resources. The following suggestions are tried-and-tested ways to increase your website's conversion rate by using images wisely.

1. Emotions Rule

Many people make purchases for emotional reasons. They will take action if you make them feel good. When selecting website design images for your website, the same rule applies. Positive emotions are elicited by a positive image. It could be a smile, a grin, or an action. Emotions are powerful and effective. Your customers and other visitors are not illiterate. They understand what you're trying to say because they can see it.

Make them feel good, happy, proud, and wanted, and they will agree with you and connect with you more. The benefits of leveraging emotions can be very powerful, but how you do it is important.

2. Consider Using a Mascot

Have you ever noticed a cartoon on your favourite website? Mascots for websites are very popular these days. They are used for branding on websites and blogs. They are used to create a bonding experience for visitors.

They assist websites in creating a strong image in the minds of their audiences. But how does a mascot help you convert more effectively? Here are a few examples:

• A mascot can help to solidify your marketing theme.
• A mascot can provide much more memorable branding.
• It is much simpler to achieve the desired emotional effect.

Look around for sites that feature various types of mascots. The majority of these websites are profitable. And it won't cost you much to have it done for your website. Many creative designers will agree to create one for you at a reasonable price.


Source: Alena Cherkasova on Behance

3. Give Your Images a Human Touch

Use human faces in your website design images to increase the conversion rate of your website. They focus your customers' attention, causing them to naturally move toward a common point of interest. It couldn't get any more genuine and relatable than that.

4. Think Out of the Box

Today's technology enables you to do so much more; take advantage of it. Your only limitation is your imagination. Even on websites, people want to see something new. With your website design images and illustration selections, make your website scream "I'm Unique!"

5. Show Validation

What makes television commercials effective? Models, actors, and random people are shown using the product. It's getting a lot of praise, love, and attention. Praise, attention, and love are what make these commercials popular among the masses.

But the more important question is: Why does this work? It's simple: people want a second opinion. They want to feel secure before purchasing something/anything.

They wish to be persuaded. They don't want to make a wrong choice. They are persuaded when they see others who are pleased and benefit from a product. Your conversion rate increases if your website includes photos of satisfied customers.

It's a naturally occurring phenomenon that will never disappoint you. Add a few testimonials with their pictures, and your conversion rate will certainly increase.

6. It’s About THEM, Not You

If you want a higher conversion rate, master the art of image selection. Your clients and potential customers are primarily concerned with themselves. He or she is uninterested in your product or company. The 'me' factor is ultimately responsible for the magic.

Demonstrate to your visitors with website design images that they are on the right track. Make them feel at ease. Make sure they have the experience you want them to have. This will open doors and encourage more people to like you and buy from you.

7. Consider Different Types of Images; Photos, Illustrations, or Animations


Source: Metaverse illustrations from illustAC

The 1990s have passed us by. The Web 1.0 era is over. This is the social era of the Internet. People aren't as interested in the internet as they once were. They are now even more connected than ever before though. They are educated and technology literate more than ever as well. How does this relate to website design images and image conversions?

It's embarrassingly obvious if you have settled for common stock photos, which were once a popular option but are not anymore. With people wearing suits shaking hands, your clients and potential customers will realize you're trying to fool them.

So, to increase your conversion rate today, you must do the opposite. Choose professional but natural-looking website design images, illustrations, and other digital resources to represent your website and branding - even if it means spending more money.

Your website must appear professional to convert better. Visitors will give you a thumbs down if the website design images and graphic resources you use are obvious. That's not good. Your goal should be to convey a positive message to your target audience.

Choose illustrations, graphic elements, and stock photos that you know will be perfect for your site in every way.

Photos vs Illustrations: What is Best for Web Design

While designing a website many design-related questions will need to be addressed. One of the utmost important choices you'll be making is whether to use illustrations or actual photographs. Alas, an easy solution is often not an option here.

Both illustrations and photographs have advantages and disadvantages. Rather than focusing on these to beginning on deciding, we encourage you to begin considering your options somewhat differently. Begin by determining which types of imagery will present your style in the best way.

Your Website and the Use of Photography

Many businesses have adopted the use of photography on their websites in recent years. When you think about the benefits and applications of photography, it's easy to understand why.

• Stimulate emotions:
Using photography, particularly imagery of fellow humans makes a website more approachable and familiar. When taking a look at the website of a senior community, we may think, "That man could be our grandfather." Looking at an office space in another city, "I could be that man (or woman)". This type of photography makes the company's services appear more on the personalised side and less daunting.

• Establishing credibility:
Photos are often used to give any organization a credible image in a variety of ways, such as using the actual employees of the company's photos, offering a behind-the-scenes look at a place of work, or even going for a before and after slideshow to illustrate results.

• Generate knowledge and understanding:
The popular saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" may be cliched, but there is truth to it. Genuine product photos, or good-quality stock photos that represent your products or services, will aid viewers to contextualize and help them to comprehend all the things that your products can do for them, especially if your business's bread and butter are complicated, proprietary, or new and innovative products.

Your Website and the Use of Illustrations

Illustrations are versatile but they are also sometimes complicated. Illustrations range in size and complexity, from big and beautiful works of art to small, simple graphics. There are several advantages to using illustrations on your website, no matter which type of graphics you decide to go for.

• Illustrations bring the abstract to life:
There are no specific product images that can achieve the same effect if your website focuses on things more on the abstract side or loosely defined, such as a lifestyle idea or a certain service. This is where bespoke illustrations are the key players. Illustrations, like those used in cosmetic and fragrance advertisements, try to summon a certain type of emotion instead of portraying the items they are providing. Illustrations can turn an abstract feeling into something meaningful.

• Custom illustrations will make your product or service stand out from the rest:
This is especially true for more extensive illustrations, as opposed to smaller icons. Graphics can make an impact because they can display a product's capabilities and the brand's aesthetic and visual tone. Like product shots from one brand to another, it is the visual brand and aesthetic that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

• Illustrations are popular:
Every year, several well-known design organizations (such as 99designs, InVision, Mockplus, and Designmodo,) release their design predictions. In preparation for 2023, nearly all of the sites mentioned several illustration-oriented design trends, and many of the sites leading the charge featured bespoke graphics.

To help you create your visuals for website design, we've put together the above guide that provides simple-to-understand web design advice and explanations of the fundamental components of successful web design.

So go ahead and begin creating. Never be afraid to analyze a variety of tools and techniques, try out fresh ideas, tweak elements, and alter their appearance as often as you like until you are happy with what you see.

Work your way up using the above advice for good website design until you have it all figured out. Above all, have fun and start creating intriguing, useful, and easy-to-navigate websites.

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