Essential Tips to Photograph Apparel with Ghost Mannequin

Fashion photography is highly versatile, and there is infinite scope for creativity. If you are a seller who utilizes eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify to sell apparel, you require quality images to help customers understand the product.

A professional product photography service, Etherarts can help you create an enhanced shopping experience for buyers. They utilize ghost mannequin photography which makes a fantastic view of apparel.

We will take a look at the invisible mannequin photography technique in depth. We will also share some essential tips that you must know to photograph apparel with a ghost mannequin.

What Is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

A ghost mannequin is a prop that has detachable joints. A ghost mannequin photography service like Etherarts uses an image editing technique that creates an illusion of a human body filling the apparel to maintain its shape and size. Before this technique, creating fashion product images was time-consuming and tedious as it was purely manual.

Also, hiring models and multi-step editing of the images is costly.

You can quickly create impressive and detailed fashion product images with ghost mannequin photography.

Here are some tips for creating professional-grade, seller marketplace-ready ghost mannequin product photographs.

Select The Right Mannequin Size

You can buy a ghost mannequin in virtually any size or shape. There are variations available for men, women, and children, and you can select whether you want full-body mannequins or only torsos or legs.

For invisible mannequin photography, it is essential to choose a mannequin of the correct size. The apparel must be represented in the correct size and shape. This requires the right size ghost mannequin. If you pick a mannequin that's too large, the garment will be stretched, and the fabric might look flimsy. The fitting will be loose if it's too small, leading to unsightly bunching or creases.

Setup and Equipment

To execute professional product photography, you must create a studio-like setting in-house. The ghost mannequin photography technique requires a unique step up.

To begin with, you should arrange for two studio lights and some umbrellas. It would be best to put the apparel with the dummy in a position that is well-lit from all sides with no shadows or bright spots. You can create a balanced lighting effect by bouncing light off the umbrellas. 

The next step is to set up the DSLR settings for best clicks. It is a bit technical, and here is a complete guide on how to take good photos using a DSLR.

Photographing the Product 

If you photograph top wears like shorts, tees, jacket, etc., the camera must be at level with the chest area. If you are taking photographs of trousers or pants, then the camera should be positioned across the hip area. It is an important principle to master for effectively invisible mannequin photography. If you fail to click the product from the right angle, the apparel will look tapered, or inaccurate depending on how high or low the camera is positioned.

Photographing a product from an angle that is either too high or too low may cause the garment to look "tapered" and inaccurate. One way to minimize distortion in professional product photography is to use a telephoto zoom lens. It also allows moving closer to small objects or farther from larger objects without losing focus.

For ghost mannequin photography, you will need a large enough space to accommodate the camera, tripod, mannequin, studio lights, and umbrellas. As lights must be spaced evenly apart from either side and backdrop, it will require a lot of space.

Showcase The Apparel's Fine Details

Buyers browsing your product online want to be able to visualize themselves wearing the product. In our ghost mannequin photography service, we ensure that we capture the finest detail of the apparel, such as fabric, style, and cut.

It would help if you styled the apparel on a ghost mannequin so shoppers can view all essential features like the internal design, collars, and flip-up cuffs. The presentation counts, and your product pictures must emphasize the style, whether casual, classic, contemporary or occasion wear.

Ensure Consistency in Fashion Product Images

You must create a uniform style across platforms wherever you showcase your products. Your fashion product images must have consistency to build an image as a reputable seller. Product images must be equally refined and high-quality, whether you are listing products on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, or your online store.

You can create a structured and thematic product showcase with ghost mannequin photography. It helps you create a consistency that makes your brand appear more professional overall. Here consistency includes all elements like product lighting, styling, camera setting, positioning, and photography techniques.

We hope these tips will help you create the best quality fashion product images using the ghost mannequin photography technique.

Etherarts offers professional ghost mannequin photography services at affordable rates.