How to Become a Blockchain Developer

If you desire to be a Blockchain developer, your dream is not far-fetched. Blockchain technology is gradually reaching its goal of revolutionizing how the digital world handles data and runs its business. It has gone from being a platform for Bitcoin to a tool every business, government, and sector wants to get their hands on. So, it makes sense that you want a career in this and enjoy all the benefits of being a blockchain developer.

We give you detailed know-how on Blockchain development and it can be used to buy digital currencies or carry out other activities.

Who Is A Blockchain Developer?

Simply put, a Blockchain developer develops blockchains. In more complex terms, a Blockchain developer is one saddled with the responsibility of designing the security and architecture of a proposed Blockchain system.

Blockchain development is unlike web development, except that it is more complex. To develop a blockchain, you need to understand the history and workings of the Blockchain in detail.

Types of Blockchain Developers

Blockchain developers are of two classes: core blockchain developers and blockchain software developers. Each has its specific role.

A Blockchain developer lays the ground for Blockchain software developers. While one person can do both, the roles of a Blockchain developer differ from that of a software developer. The Blockchain developer builds the web architecture. The Blockchain software developer makes use of the web architecture to build apps and web varieties.

Now that you know who a Blockchain developer is let’s see what it takes to be one.

What It Takes To Be a Blockchain Developer

There are two categories of people looking to have a career in Blockchain development: those starting from scratch with no background knowledge of programming whatsoever and those in programs similar to Blockchain.

If you are new to creating Blockchain and cryptocurrency, it may not be so easy to know where to start. However, with the willingness to learn, you can move from a novice to a professional in no time.

Below are the technical skills a blockchain developer is required to have.

- Have a complete understanding of blockchain technology and how it works. To have a shot at a career in blockchain development, you must first understand key concepts such as Consensus, Hash functions, and Distributed ledger technology. This knowledge is what creates a foundation for your success as a blockchain developer.

- You need to have a mastery of data structures. It enables you to configure and customize the Blockchain to your requirements or those of the audience you’re designing it for.

- Have a mastery of smart contracts. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum offer smart contracts, which continue to make them popular and globally acceptable.

- Have a basic understanding of cryptography. It’ll help you find your way around Dapps and other blockchain-related services.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer

No one becomes a successful blockchain developer from the blues. You have to take certain steps to rise through the ranks and stand the stiff competition of the digital world we live in.

Learn the Basics

Blockchain technology, like every other technology, requires that you learn the basics first. That includes learning why Blockchain exists and how it came to be, as basic concepts of blockchain technology, ideas, and architecture. Learn about decentralization, the use of consensus, ICOs, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general. Learn about the blockchain ecosystem and what keeps it functional.

Go through the blockchain glossary; it will give you a background on most of the essential concepts of cryptocurrency. Also, keep a tab on blockchain principles and get familiar with the market.

Learn the Process

After the basics, you need to put yourself into the cryptocurrency world. It would help if you implemented what you have learned. That may include buying Ethereum or Bitcoin or any digital coin of your choice. By engaging in trading, you will better appreciate what this is all about. Even though it is not encouraged, engaging in crypto trading helps you understand better how blockchain technology works.

But don’t forget that cryptocurrency is just one use of Blockchain, albeit the first use. Blockchain can be used for several other purposes and in music, sports, and arts.

Start Coding

This is where the real work begins. Here is where you start coding. Take courses like Solidity to help you create and develop smart contracts and dApps on the Ethereum blockchain. You can also take blockchain tutorials to code better.

Learn Smart Contracts

This is one of the vital concepts of blockchain technology. Smart contracts are used to automate or add functionality to your Blockchain.

Improve By Consistent Learning

Learning never ends. So, after you have mastered blockchain development, you should keep learning. As you learn, practice what you learn relating to blockchain development. You can also consider joining a community of blockchain developers online or offline.

The job of a blockchain developer is one of the most sought-after in our digital world. If you’ve made up your mind to become one, then you should be willing to put in the effort.

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