Describing What Print-on-Demand Means

If you don’t know enough about what print-on-demand is and you are looking to learn about the tactics of this business, we’ll help you grow in this field and describe to you what print-on-demand is.

What is Print-on-Demand?

Print-on-demand is a sort of business where you buy white-label products from any supplier, these products can be clothing, balls, bags, or anything that can be customized. You buy them and then customize them according to the demand of your customer or according to the niche of your business. These products can be customized on a pre-order basis under your design or according to the demand of your customers.

What Makes it Popular?

While doing print-on-demand business you don’t have to hold on to inventory yourself or buy the products in bulk. You don’t pay the cost of the order first until you have sold it. Well if you continue using it as a part of your business and now you are adding it as a part of your successful eCommerce career. Then you can buy it in form of bulk and ready the products.

Also, you don’t need to do anything, all the work is handled by your supplier whether it’s digital printing, finalizing the product, or shipment. You don’t need to put extra effort into print-on-demand business. After placing items on sale it's just a matter of a few clicks.

This industry is growing speedily and there isn’t any sign that it’ll slow down because demand in this business is increasing day by day. Every customer demands a unique product and asks for personalized options. Even a small size business can get enough benefits by providing customized products at an affordable rate.

How You Can Use a Print-on-Demand Service?

If you are going out of ideas, well we’ll help you figure out how you can use print-on-demand service in various ways:

Try to Create Original Ideas

No matter what is the niche of your business, coming up with new ideas will lift the game and you’ll be able to achieve your goal faster. Making customized T-shirts for people who love running and looking for such products would be a great addition.

Test New Business Ideas

If you are already running a business and looking to make a new addition to it, you can try adding customized products. This will prove to be a great side hustle and you’ll face no risk that comes while buying inventory.

Provide Print-On-Demand Services on Several Products

While running a print-on-demand service don’t just stick to the same product like T-shirts or mugs. Try your service on several products including clocks, phone cases, wall art, books, notepads, laptop skins, and other clothing items. It’s better to start by taking a small product.

Post Ads

At the start of your business if you are not sure what sort of products will generate more profit. You can run ads regarding the products that you are going to launch. This will help you to work on a specific product on which you get more orders and that proves to be fruitful. By getting sizeable orders for a product you can double down the amount of your revenue.

Work on Your Creativity

If you love to work on your creativity and you are a graphic designer or a cartoonist who is into creating new things. You should work on your skills and utilize them in your print-in-demand service.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Print-on-Demand Service

Print on demand doesn't need to only generate benefits for you, like every other business this also comes with several pros and cons. You need to pay attention and work on these points to make your business successful in the first go. Although online sellers are one of the most secure online businesses still you need to secure your products and make them more demanding.


You don’t need to take care of the shipment and fulfilment of an order, you are just responsible for providing better customer service.

You can quickly create products, and after buying from a supplier you can quickly create new ideas and designs for your products.

There is lower risk in this business as you are not putting in any investment until or unless you get an order. That is considered a profitable point.


When you start working for print-on-demand service you’ll have fewer choices as every vendor is different and want a product of their demand. Also, print-on-demand companies have their own choices and fewer customization options.

You can’t buy products in bulk because of the different demands of customers and the cost per item will be higher for you.

With print-on-demand, service shipping can get complicated and your option to create unique and out-of-the-box, products becomes limited.

Top 3 Print-on-Demand Companies

Print-on-demand companies are those that are running e-commerce businesses and fulfilling every demand of their customer. Including finalizing, printing, packing, and storing products. Running a such business is so simple, you just need to create unique ideas print them on your products and sell them online with ease. Below are the print-on-demand companies that are working best so far:


You can get unlimited options and an extensive network to get prints on your products. You just need to find the suppliers that provide quick delivery of products and find affordable shipping. The shipping cost of your product depends on the supplier you choose and the money you are spending. You can get a variety of products to get your print-on-demand service. They provide printing, embroidery, and sublimation. You can go for their premium account if you want to avail amazing benefits and discounts for your business with high revenue.


Printful is vastly working for several products in a variety of ways, you can get directions on garment print, embroidery, cut and sew sublimation, and other services. If you want to get customized orders, they’ll be available to you including stickers and product packaging. They make customization and printing easy and the service can integrate into all major platforms. They provide quick services, you don’t need to wait for long as they provide delivery within 2 to 5 working days. If you are a newbie in this business, you can rely on their business and can generate good revenue. You just need to think of new ideas and create unique designs. Rest will be done by them.


SPOD is growing fast as they are providing quick print-on-demand service and helping you to get success fast in this business. You can also avail handy shipping calculator to make your selling process easy and transparent. You can get several printing options with this service including special flex, sublimation, and digital direct.

Even if you want to sell more than 100 products you can do it using this service. SPOD comes with another great feature, you can enable customers to have their designs and images according to their taste. This will give your customers the independence they create products according to their interests.

Now you must be aware of what print-on-demand service is and in what ways you can use it. You need to keep in mind a few things that will play an important role in the success of your business. It's better to look at a few things that will make your business grow better and faster. Make the better decision at the right time so you won’t have to regret it later. Below are a few points that will prove to be helpful for you.

When choosing a print-on-demand service you should look for a company that provides fast shipping time.

 Shipping rates and product costs should be reasonable and under your budget, otherwise, your business will be in critical condition.

Never forget the quality of products, no matter how unique and attractive the design you provide. If the quality of the product is not up to mark you wouldn’t be able to reach the high demand of customers.

Look for a company that provides as many printing options as your customers can demand. It will increase the branding needs and will work great with your design.

Whichever company you choose it must allow multiple channels to sell your products. Always look for several ways to grow. Having different options to sell your product will result in sticking to the same print-on-demand service. You wouldn’t need to change it again and again.

If you are looking to start a print-on-demand business, this article will prove to be helpful for you. This will allow you to grow faster in the field and will make your experience reliable and convenient. You can choose different products including stationery, bags, posters, notebooks, mugs, stickers, and several others that are popular in this field.

While some also offer print-on-demand options for pillows, kitchen accessories, wall art, headphones, toys, and many more. Go for it and start selling now. 

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