6 Best Image to Text Converter Tools

Image-to-text converters are ideal for quickly transferring your handwritten pieces of work to your computer in an editable text format. However, not every image-to-text converter is up to scratch. Most image-to-text converters are not fast enough, and it isn't always easy to find the right one for the job.

Some websites claim to maintain the full privacy of the content but don't fulfill their promise, while some image to text converters say they are 100% accurate, but we find out they are not when we use them. They are not worth using if they are going to waste your time and/or jeopardise your personal information. So it's a good idea to have a look at some information that will guide you to finding the best image to text converters, and this post does precisely that.

Image-to-text converters use a modern algorithm that enables them to scan any image and PDF and convert them into an editable text file. But some poorly developed software doesn't have any accuracy for converting the text, and you get just a few paragraphs or words of the document, and the whole document is not converted.

The image-to-text converters listed below are some of the best for you to use for your office work and business as well as personal projects. You can use them for free and get excellent quality results. These websites don't require you to register either.

Here is the list of the top 6 image-to-text converters:


I2ocr is an image-to-text converter that can work for both image and PDF.

The converted file can then be edited and translated. It contains more than 100 languages, and you can use it for some popular and rare languages.

The software of this website is powerful and can recognise columns and sections on the page. The website doesn't require any registration, and you can use it for free for your uploads. You can also use this website to scan some of your sensitive documents like your passport, ID card, and bank statements.

The photo to text converter is powerful and can easily convert images to text.


This website provides you the advantage of placing the URL in the URL box, and the picture will be converted.

The picture can also be converted from the computer and doesn't require any download. The website has a compelling image-to-text converter for low-quality photos.

The website can also detect math equations and can change them. Most other image-to-text converters are unable to do it and it can save students from retyping all the formulas again and saves time with the copy to clipboard button for the ease of the user.

The website also supports mobile phones for conversion. This is free and saves a lot of time that can be wasted in retyping without this tool.


EasePDF is an all-in-one website tool for converting images to PDF and editing the converted PDF. Four types of images are supported and they are JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF. You just upload a file into the website and adjust the output settings to create the PDF. EasePDF enables you to custom the layout format, page size, and margin size for the converted PDF. After that, if you want to edit the PDF, you can upload it again to the website.

Besides the powerful converting functions, EasePDF also makes it free for all users to utilise the tool. However, there would be limits on the free version. For example, you will not be allowed to do batch processing, which could be a little bit annoying when you have tons of images needed to convert into PDF. Upgrading to the premium version is highly recommended to unlock more features and support this great image to PDF converter.

Small PDF

This image-to-text converter has the ability to drop files in it. You have to open the website and upload pictures in any format.

This website supports many forms, and the site will convert it into an editable text format. With unlimited uploads allowed, you can use it many times a day.

Some image-to-text converters provide the non-editable file to the users, but this website gives an editable file for the improvement or translation of the text.  It supports all operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux. The site is safe for document uploads and your privacy is secure.


This image-to-text converter is unique, with a better interface that is friendly, advanced, and very simple to use, whether you want your text in Docx or PDF files. Free to use, the software is powerful and maintains the whole structure of the picture.

The best thing about this website is that it doesn't contain any annoying ads, and its interface is smooth and clean. The website also provides an API integration in order for the software to be used on other websites.

A handy Chrome extension for this picture to text converter is available also, to convert the text on any page of the web with ease.


This image-to-text converter also has a highly compatible website that can convert images to text using a powerful algorithm that enables you to upload screenshots and PDF or HTML for the conversion.

The website also allows multiple uploads, and you can also use this website on a mobile phone for ease via the excellent app for conversion as well. This website primarily provides the document in PDF because it is commonly used on all types of computers and can also be used on mobile devices too. However, this luxury is not available in all formats like Docx and HTML or Text files.

This website also provides multiple languages for the conversion, and you can also change the colour scheme of the editable document.


The picture-to-text converters mentioned in this article are free to use and aid your creation of original content, which is especially good for writing blog posts for SEO purposes. They offer editable text with 100% accuracy. Most of them support multiple formats, i.e. you can use jpg, png e.t.c. Many provide text in various languages. You change the editable text into many other languages.

The process of changing the image to text is very simple, and you have to click one button for the conversion.

This tool is especially helpful for newspaper editors and journalists, and whoever's job involves writing on paper, as they can convert an image to text with these image to text converters.

The picture to text converters also gives the feature of sharing the text with colleagues and family. The software of these image-to-text converters is very advanced and very simple to use. You have to upload the picture in it, and the image to text converter will convert the image to a text file that you can edit or share.

These websites can also be beneficial for students who want to submit their projects or assignments online. They can take the picture and convert it into a new text and send it. This article is written after in-depth research, and you can use all of these image-to-text converters.