Benefits of Video Marketing for your eCommerce Business

Online videos play a massive role in developing your sales and your business in a quick time. Especially, businesses require the support of exciting and attention-seeking videos to increase brand awareness and sales.

With the competition getting tougher day by day, you must be a step ahead in your marketing campaigns. More importantly, when your competitors use contemporary marketing strategies, you must use video content. 

As such, a video-based marketing strategy improves brand awareness. Moreover, the customer inclination these days lies in motion videos. You must take leverage on the same and start developing the strategy behind the same. To create the process, you must be confident enough to know the benefits of

On that note, this article will give you clear insights into the advantages of using promotional videos to boost your eCommerce business. Let us have a look!

Inclination towards Videos Is More

An average person watches 100 minutes of video content every day. It is enough for you to know how much people are inclined toward online videos. Other statistics say that 96% of consumers have increased their video-watching timeline daily. While there is much online content, the text-based ones are less approached.

When you have a short video encompassing all the range available in a blog, the customers would not want to waste time reading it. The visual appeal of the video and the sound effects gather more audience attraction. 

Customer Engagement Made Easy

While the marketing idea is to increase the customer base, videos are easier to do. Marketing campaigns revolving around video-based content are always a hit. Creating attention-seeking videos and posting them on social media platforms will attract more views. Such conversions are not possible through text-based marketing solutions. 

Brand Awareness

The most vital part of your business is to build the brand. Videos with interesting messages about your product or the service shall reach the customers. When this happens consistently, it builds trust as well. Such psychological aspects will make the customers know about your brand as well as the product. The best way to encourage a customer to purchase a product or a service is to gain their trust. It can happen rather quickly using video content. 

Google Advantage

It is a customer habit to search for a product or service through Google. The best part is, that even Google shall give search results which have videos embedded in them. Google knows that the audience shall prefer videos over text-based content to better understand what the customer is looking for. The search results and their rankings are altered based on the number of video content available on the web. 

Purchase Decisions Are Made Based on the Video Content

We saw some staggering numbers earlier, now let us show you some more along the same lines. 90% of the customers make purchase decisions based on the video content. That means to say, people who watch videos shall buy your product mostly. Moreover, 47% of the customers who buy the product for sure who watch the product-based videos. It gives the digital marketing team insight to make consistent videos and keep the audience engaged all the time.

A few digital marketers use this mode of marketing to understand the market as well. It has proven great benefit for future improvisations in their product or the service offered. 97 out of 100 times, one can learn the customer demand using video-based content. 

Innovative Methods to Attract Customers

There are many technical methods to understand the customer search strategy. Once the data is captured, send them emails with product videos to see that. Also, you can incorporate videos in every aspect of customer search. It must start with your website, social media platform, and search engine results too. The idea is to be ready with videos of every kind, and it must be available for the customers as and when they look for a product or a service. 

Videos Help Rank High in Search Results

Engage the customers for a relatively longer duration. It means to say, the more the customer sees your videos on the website or the online platforms, the possibility of the search result ranking may go high. 

Increase Web Traffic

Videos will increase website traffic drastically. That means to say you will start getting many prospective buyers to your website. Your strategy must be on converting them to buy the products. 41% of the businesses enjoy more web traffic, mainly due to the usage of videos. 

Target Mobile Users

Most of the videos online are watched through mobile phones. As you start creating videos for your business, ensure that it is compatible with mobile users too. Further, the call for action must be a direct payment method rather than a sluggish move. Most customers abandon the site if the website or call to action is slow. Get the website created for a more excellent loading time. Moreover, making it mobile-compatible ensures more sales as well. 

It is recommended to create videos that can convey information even in mute mode. More than half the people watch videos without sound. The videos must cater to the customers' needs and give them a complete overview of your organization over time. 

You can introduce your CEO or the top management in a few of your videos too. Moreover, making the videos more on the curious side wins more views too. It is all about shifting thought; from conservative marketing measures to video-based marketing strategies. 


These are the benefits of using video marketing if you want to establish a successful business. Take advantage of these benefits and watch your business flourish.  The right video marketing actually helps you better connect with your audiences.