Top 10 Promising Business Website Ideas

We all strive to work for ourselves! And of course, we all want to try our hand at entrepreneurship! Well, if you are looking for inspiration, we have brilliant business ideas that will help you discover your niche in 2020!

We hope after analysing each idea, you will find some inspiration for your business website. Try to combine them and who knows – maybe you will find a brand-new solution for an age-old problem and it will become your competitive advantage!

Going a bit forward, we just have to show you the types of websites in our full guide so you will clearly understand what type of website you will need for your small business and what it should look like!

Professional Photography

If you are a creative person, and you are crazy about photography, you can become an independent photographer. Working as a photographer, you can move in three different, but profitable business areas:

1. Photo shoots at special events such as weddings.
2. Run a small studio, that provides a photo on the documents services.
3. Advertising photography.
4. Stock Photography

Landscaping Services

With a growth in the construction of cottages and holiday homes, the demand for landscape gardening has rapidly increased. This makes a landscape services business a very promising and profitable area of activity. You can make money by designing the landscape, and earthworks, and arranging flower gardens, paths, playgrounds, and lawns. As a result, your clients will own a beautiful garden, created according to all the modern rules of architectural and landscape design.

Virtual Assistants

It’s like working as a reliable assistant, but remotely, in an online mode. A virtual assistant is an entrepreneur who provides his services to clients from all over the world. This is a great business idea that does not require much investment. An assistant can assume the responsibility of responding to numerous emails or receiving Skype and WhatsApp calls. One of the reasons why this idea is worth a try is that there are not many restrictions; you can earn money on any services you like and at flexible hours too.

Moving Company

We all are living in a world full of things, so we are constantly forced to move these objects from one place to another at a certain time in our lives. Today, hundreds of transport firms operate in this market, but many of them offer inexpensive and poor-quality services. So, if you want to organise a moving service business, the first thing you will have to do is to offer a worthy alternative. Be sure that your high-quality services will be in demand, as people would rather pay more for your services than have to replace broken household items that may have even had sentimental value.

Software Engineering and Development

The main direction of such companies is the development and installation of various software. This business needs to have the all latest technologies at its disposal, as well as a staff, specialising in programming. Today, there’s a high need for these products and services on the market. As a rule, wholesale customers can become your regular clients if you de.

Meal Kit Sales and Delivery

Delivering hot meals is a promising line of business. By delivering yummy food to your customers, you will ensure a stable profit and get many loyal customers who are satisfied with your services.

Such an idea gives undeniable advantages since starting a business does not require huge startup capital. If you think that you are an expert in cooking and you are doing it with great pleasure if you have all the necessary equipment for cooking, then it is your business idea!

The most crucial thing is to approach your business creatively, to cook only the best food, as if you were cooking it for yourself, and always to have a clear plan of action.

Virtual Reality

The modern area of entertainment is constantly evolving, opening up new niches for those who want to have fun. Today, virtual reality attraction has become the most promising direction in the gaming industry. The demand for such things as computer games, and 3D and 4D television, only increased interest in this type of entertainment. Since not everyone can afford to buy an innovative device, it is a good way to go!

3D Printing Shop

There are many ways to make big money on a 3D printer, this small manufacturing factory on your desk. If you have a good commercial idea (cases, toys, key chains), then you can start your small manufacturing business, creating unique things and even embellishing them with individual inscriptions.

You do not need to learn how to work in 3D editors, you do not have to create some crazy new ideas, process the models or keep large stocks of plastic in your house. You just need to have a modern reliable 3D printer, a couple of pounds of 3D plastic and basic 3D printing skills!

Healthy Vending Machines

Vending machines are of great interest to many start-up entrepreneurs. Due to the growth of its popularity and the development of this market, the vending machine business allows you to receive a stable income without significant financial investments. At the same time, healthy foods are becoming increasingly popular; so the implementation of this idea allows you to occupy a largely free and promising niche in the market that meets consumer preferences.

Drone Attraction 

Try offering people the thrill of flying in an amazing virtual world, and you will see that it can earn you big money! Your customers will experience the new sensations just by wearing video glasses, connected to the quad-copter. When the drone takes off, the customer sees the world from above as if he is flying like a bird. You can arrange the coolest race!

Certainly, you have to make some investments and buy some good equipment: a drone, a remote control, a charger, an additional set of propellers, a couple of batteries, video glasses, a smartphone, a laptop, a WiFi router, etc. It is also a good idea to buy a couple of chaise lounges to comfortably work outside.