Web Yurt TinyMCE Image Uploader and Manager Plugin

The Web Yurt Custom TinyMCE Image Uploader and Manager Plugin gives you the ability to upload multiple images and manage them, including the ability to rename and delete them, all in one lightweight, custom designed image manager that won't hinder the speed of your work.

The plugin is fully responsive and will work well on any device where you choose to use it to upload and manage images for your website. This plugin enables you to quickly and easily upload and insert images in the TinyMCE editor.


Take a quick look at the Web Yurt Custom TinyMCE Image Uploader / Manager:

Web Yurt TinyMCE Image Manager


To use this image uploader, follow these three simple installation steps.

1. Upload the wy_image_manager folder to the desired destination on your server.

2. Locate the images folder, it includes some images for testing that the plugin has been installed correctly.

3. Locate the config.php file in the wy_image_manager folder. Here you can change the settings as required.

You can change the folder name from images to anything you want, and you can add any extensions you want in addition to the existing .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif extensions that are already present in the editor.

You can also change the maximum upload file size limit, and how many images to be displayed per page.

Benefits of the Web Yurt Custom TinyMCE Image Uploader / Manager Plugin

Uploaded images are automatically renamed to ensure that the file names are unique in order to avoid duplicate content. You also have the ability to rename the file names within the manager yourself.

Images can be easily deleted within the image manager when you no longer need them.

Previously uploaded images can be re-downloaded from the manager in case you lose your original source files.

You can also view the full sized images that you have uploaded within the manager.

See the Web Yurt Custom TinyMCE Image Uploader in action uploading multiple images all in one go:

Web Yurt TinyMCE Image Uploader


The Web Yurt TinyMCE Image Manager plugin is free for use in personal website projects.

For use in commercial websites, a donation is required.

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