Automated Clothing Editor: Guide for the Fashion Industry

Just think about the jacket you saw on that second-hand site. The poor lighting and messy background did not flicker in the fashion industry. On the other hand, if the website had vibrant apparel images– things would've taken a different turn.

With massive advancements in the eCommerce industry, online stores dealing with apparel continue to multiply at a faster pace. Great images are paramount for revenue or conversions.

Whatever approach you adopt with the imagery, the aesthetics of your store must narrate the best impression of your brand. That's where the clothing editors like autoRetouch shine.

So, in this piece, let's find out how automated clothing editors transform your outfit site.

Why Pick an Automated Clothing Editor?

Stunning, well-edited apparel photos can make a tremendous difference to your product presentation and, ultimately, return rates. While thousands of manual editors are out there, you might have to pick up the pace if you want to sustain yourself in this highly competitive sphere.

However, manual clothing editors can take days to retouch your clothes. That's when AI-driven clothing editors can come in handy.

Here's why we think you should give automated apparel editors a spin:

Batch Editing:

Automated editors let users bulk process up to 100 images at a time. If you've ever had to edit photos for the fashion industry, you know just how tedious and time-consuming it can be to edit photographs manually. The repetition alone is enough to cramp up your fingers.

Thankfully, with batch editing features in automated clothing editors, you can apply the same photo effects and filters to all your photos. Think about the time you will be saving every day. The best part is that automated clothing editors have a simple user interface and require no technical experience.

Remove Background:

Almost all fashion websites feature uncluttered and minimalist images. But we all know how frustrating the process gets when trying to remove everything manually. However, automated clothing editors can dramatically cut down your processing time by doing the work for you in seconds.

The user-friendly interface automatically removes the dull backdrop from your apparel images and sets the focus only on the product. You can also use this feature to repurpose your imagery through various marketing channels. Currently, the background remover component in autoRetouch accommodates three distinct presets:

- Select clothing and model.
- Select clothing.
- Remove plain background.

Custom Background:

Quality photos build trust with your audience and customer base. From a branding perspective, you may have to modify the background of your outfit photos often, and conducting the photoshoot again is repetitive and tiring.

Besides, as a marketer, you must maintain a contrast between your outfit and the background for professionalism. To avoid these pitfalls, you must get your hands on an automated clothing editor.

You can use the custom background component from autoRetouch to build your clothing line with imagery. You can also re-plan the same imagery for platforms like Amazon and eBay with one click.

Ghost Mannequin:

Ghost Mannequin Editor

If you've been in the apparel industry, you've already faced the challenge of demonstrating the outfit's fit without breaking the bank. Audiences need to see the product's shape, and flats don't provide the necessary detail.

However, using a ghost mannequin effect, you can simulate the body's contours. For online shoppers, it naturally adds to their shopping experience and nudges them toward the checkout. If you had to generate the same effect manually, it would take you hours in front of the computer. However, shifting to automation ensures you have world-class interactive outfit images in seconds.

Fabric Swatches:

Fabric Swatches

As a seller in the clothing industry, you already know the necessity of showcasing a fabric's colour, design, and variation. Let's get honest here. Extracting them manually is impossible. Most sellers take close-ups of the outfit and crop the rest for samples.

But why make the extra effort when you can automate the task easily? A clothing editor can identify the predominant fabric in the photo. It then searches for an area free from creases, buttons, accessories, or other items and selects a part of the fabric that pleasingly represents the outfit. You can also use the extracted swatches to streamline navigation based on colour profiles.

Skin Retouching:

A massive part of your brand's success depends upon skin retouching. As a dealer in the clothing industry, you already know that natural skin is one of the cardinal rules of the eCommerce industry.

Sadly, most software applies exaggerated retouching to the skin. The result is something your audiences might not like and can question the credibility of your brand. To ensure the emphasis is only on the outfit, autoRetouch supports a skin retouching component for natural skin retouching. Through AI, the tool detects different parts of the human body and removes skin imperfections based on colour, body part, and ethnicity.

eCommerce shopping is all about user experience. If you want your shoppers to go big with their credit cards, you need more than just normal product photos. Using a clothing editor enables you to showcase the outfits magnificently.

Remember, you are on the platform to sell your clothes. And if you've already discovered a way to make your apparel more exciting, why not give automated clothing editors a shot?